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The following copy was taken from Doug Lang's Help Column in Florida Today.

Woman Needs Help! with tattooed eyebrows

Dear Help!: Having been born with not-great eyebrows, I turned to a professional to have them tattooed on seven years ago. Results were less than desired - very faint and too short.

So four years ago, I tried again, having found someone who assured me she could do a much better job. The results were even worse. Now I have purple eyebrows, one round and one arched. One curls up, One curls down and one is slightly thicker than the other.

I would appreciate hearing from others who have had this done locally to their satisfaction.

- Cathy Woods, Rockledge

Woods visit to the first tattoo artist ("Very faint and too short") wound up costing her $300. Tattooist No. 2 ("even worse") set her back another $400.

"I have expended $700, gone through hours of pain and have eyebrows worse than I was born with. " Woods said.

Asked to share her innermost thoughts about what she thinks needs doing, Woods replied, "I would not mind going through the process one more time, if I knew i would get the desired results." She just wants them to be the same size, shape and color.

That said, readers wishing to hearten the damsel in tattoo distress are invited to share apropos thoughts.


The subsequent column followed up with a letter from Sharon and others who responded about local permanent makeup specialists.

Dear Help: I specialize in correcting poorly applied permanent makeup. I did not plan it that way, but word got out and I love doing it. It is the most rewarding part of my job. As an indication of the extent of this problem, I corrected three sets of eyebrows and one lipliner last week alone.

If Cathy Woods or anyone else would like to contact me for a free consultation, before and after photos, or references, I work out of offices in Cocoa Beach, Melbourne and Merritt Island. Call 459-0202.

- Sharon Niles, Merritt Island

It should be mentioned that Niles was the person most often named by those who wrote in response to Woods' plea. Typical was this fan letter.

Dear Help!: I was referred a by a friend to Sharon Niles who did my eyebrows and eyeliner. She is certified by the American Academy of Micropigmentation and is a member of the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals.

I am so happy I had Sharon do my permanent makeup and wish I had done so sooner. I have since referred several other friends to her. We are all pleased with the results.

– Carol Gfeiler, Melbourne

Similar sentiments (about Sharon's work) were expressed by Anne Bryant of Rockledge, Jodie McDougall of Indialantic and Fay Sweezy of Satellite Beach.