What to look for when choosing the right permanent makeup specialist.

Just like choosing a plastic surgeon, you never want to make decisions based on cost or convenience but rather on experience, education, skill and professionalism. Some important facts to base your decision on....

  • Be careful - Many technicians use professional brochures that do not have their own work. This is common in the industry so it is always best to have personally seen their work or to get referrals.
  • Are they board certified?
  • Are they experienced?
  • Are they insured by a professional organization?
  • Are they members of the Society of Permanent Makeup Professionals (SPCP)?
  • Do they do correction work?
  • Do they have a medical background? (not necessary, but very helpful in understanding sterile environments)
  • Do they have an occupational license and can they show it?
  • Do they have a medical waste permit and can they prove it?
  • Do they require using a antiviral prescription for lip procedures on clients with a background of cold sores?
  • Do they have a supervising physician? (Used to be required by law!)
  • Are they routinely inspected by the Florida Department of Health?
  • Do they have a biomedical waste permit?

Sharon Niles can answer YES! to all of the above questions and has over 20 years of expert experience.