Your follow-up appointment MUST be made within 90 days to avoid additional fees.

A second touchup within one year will be a $95 fee per treated area.

After one year touchups range from $150 to $225 for each treated area.

Touchup prices apply to everyone with NO exceptions.

The treated area(s) will appear VERY dark, exact and intense for approximately 3 to 6 days. This is NORMAL! You may use a light makeup on the area after the third day to tone down the color. What appears to be too dark after your initial visit, in most cases will exfoliate (flake) in approximately one week.

As the healing progresses, the color will "soften". However, with lips, in rare cases this "softening" healing process can take longer. The treated area may then appear to be too light in color. This is NORMAL and your final lip color will show in about four weeks' time.

This completes your initial visit, and is the starting point for determining whether a follow-up visit is necessary. Allow 14 days after your first procedure before determining whether a follow-up is required. Please call me immediately if you have questions or concerns.


Post-Procedure Care Instructions

Immediate Care:

  • Maintain an extremely thin coat of Vaseline, Vitamin E, Aquaphor, or Bacitracin on the treated area.
  • Apply frozen peas in a baggy to the treated area to reduce swelling as often and as soon as possible.
  • You may clean the area with ice water and a very small amount of antibacterial soap for the first four days, always reapplying the Vaseline immediately after.
  • There is always a chance of infection or reaction to the Vaseline, Bacitracin or ANYTHING you use; always apply new Vaseline with clean hands!
  • Avoid touching the area and stay out of any dusty or dirty environments for 3-4 days.
  • Apply Bacitracin ointment to the treated area only until the second night.
  • After 10 days apply a strong sunscreen to the pigmented area for protection from the sun.
  • Prior to facial cleansing, apply treated area with a generous application of Vaseline. DO NOT apply soaps, cleansing creams, or chemicals to the pigmented area for at least 7 days except for a very small amount of antibacterial soap and ice water, as noted above.
  • Do NOT soak your face in the shower, hot tub, or chlorinated water for at least 7 days. Chlorine can lighten your permanent makeup.
  • Do NOT ever apply Retin-A or any other type of glycolic acids directly to the pigmented area - EVER. Leave at least a 1/4 inch buffer area around your permanent makeup.
  • As the treated area is healing, it may feel extremely tight. Use Vaseline, Vitamin E or A&D Ointment continuously to minimize dryness and for protection when washing. It is important to keep the treated area coated in order to prevent scabbing.
  • Do NOT ever pick, scratch, or pull at the healing area!
  • If it itches, apply Vaseline and gently work into the area in a light circular motion. If you experience increasing redness or itchiness after a few days, discontinue the use of any ointments. You may be reacting to them.
  • Yes! It will lighten up and excess color will flake off! I promise.
  • Your color will flake off for days, so use an old pillow case!

Remember, your new permanent makeup WILL look too dark, too bright, and too thick! This will change after a week!


After 2 or 3 weeks if you think you need a touchup please call to schedule a followup.