• Prices are subject to change at any time and is for new work only and/or for clients who have initially paid full price. Separate pricing will apply for redos/corrections of previous work from other permanent makeup providers.

  • Prices include ONE FREE TOUCH TO BE COMPLETED WITHIN 90 DAYS of your initial procedure for new work only.  Does NOT include re-do's. 

  • A discounted second touch up WITHIN THE FIRST YEAR OF ORIGINAL PROCEDURE is $95 per area with no exceptions. After one year each touchup is $150-$225 per area with a $75 touchup within two months.   
    (Touchup pricing does NOT apply to "Per Session" charges.)

Feathering, Hairstrokes, or Solid
$450 (Both)
$250 (Upper Only)
$225 (Lower Only)
Lip Liner
Lip Liner w/feather
Full Lips
Facelift Scar Camouflage
Browlift Scar Camouflage
Other Scar Camouflage
by consultation
Areola Reconstruction
for post-mastectomy patients,
post-implant scars around areola,
post reduction and lift patients
$395 per session (no touchups)